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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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3D Camera

Create 3D pictures yourself.
- It is very different from anything in its category available on the Market. It has NO equivalent on the iPhone.
- 3D Camera is experimental and cutting-edge: it uses research-grade algorithms to generate an OpenGL rendering of a 3D scene computed from two of your pictures.
- No 3D or red-blue glasses needed, no 3D screen is necessary either.
- Any phone equipped with a camera (not necessarily a 3D camera) can run it.
- You can navigate freely in the scene: move in all directions and zoom in/out. The accelerometer is fully supported.

- The first thing you need to know is: this application is as powerful as it is sensitive. In other words, if the pictures are not taken correctly, results will definitely be bad. Here is how to take pictures correctly:
- Read the 3D Camera guide first (inside the main menu, press your phone menu button, then "Tutorial").
- It works best with two very close pictures of inanimate objects.
- If you photograph a person, make sure she/he really doesn't move, and that the background also doesn't move at all.
- Review your pictures carefully: when translated to the right,the camera should see exactly the same view of the object as in the left picture. Do not attempt to rotate the camera to move around the object.
- Practice! You will not create a perfect 3D scene from your first try.
- 3D Camera does not work in all cases. No need to give us a bad rating after one or two failed attempts (although others already did that..). Were you expecting a miracle app? We have put a lot of effort (and set up a free server) to give you a glimpse of the research in 3D scene from 2D pictures. We doubt any other app will attempt that any time soon..
Q: I can't take pictures, the screen is blank.
A: We are aware of a problem on some phone models, where the camera preview cannot be activated. If the problem persists after restarting your phone, there is a workaround. Take two pictures using the default Android camera application, then import them using the "Import Pictures" menu in 3D Camera.
Q: When I create my project, it fails with the "repair me" logo.
A: The 3D Camera server may be under maintenance. We typically fix it quickly. But it is hard to operate a dedicated server, especially for a free app, especially because we do -a lot- of computation for each of your scenes, I hope you understand that.
Q: The 3D effect is very wrong on the scene I have created.
A: There are very specific guidelines for taking the two pictures. You have to strictly adhere to them. Please read the section above ("How to get the best results"). The app will not warn you if you takes the pictures wrongly, because it is impossible to detect.
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