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Monday, 5 December 2011

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ZImperium "Anti" LTD is proud to announce Android Network Toolkit - Anti. Anti consists of two parts: the program itself, and extensible plug-ins. Upcoming updates will add functionality , Plug-ins or vulnerabilities / exploits. Use of Anti very intuitive - every time , Anti displays a map of your network , The search for active devices and vulnerabilities And displays relevant information: the green LED indicates the active devices , Yellow - of the available ports and red - the found vulnerabilities. In addition , Each unit will have an icon Designating the type of device. After the scan is complete , Anti generate an automatic report showing your existing vulnerabilities or methods used poor , And suggest how to fix each of them.

Scan - the selected target will be scanned for open ports and vulnerabilities. You can also select a specific script for the more advanced / targeted scan. Spy - Packages Transferred to / from the selected device will be intercepted and displayed on your phone as a convenient gallery. If you select as the target subnet / range , It will display all traffic on the network packets to all devices connected to it. Another feature of the plug- Spy is the interception of web sites and unprotected (not HTTPS) logins / passwords Displayed in the lower area. DOS - the selected target will be subjected to DoS-attack At which its access to the Internet or can not be fully Or significantly impeded. Replace images - all images Transferred to / from the target Will be replaced by the logo Anti , Thus preventing the display of any image in the browser when viewing the Internet With the exception of a pleasant eye logo Anti ... MITM - target will be subject to attack, "the man in the middle" , Which is an advanced attack , Which is mainly used in combination with other types of attacks. This allows you to use special filters to manipulate the data transmitted over the network. Users can also add your own filters MITM To create more MITM attacks. Attack - attack vulnerabilities will be initiated with the goal of our cloud service. In the case of successful operation This enables you to control the device remotely from your phone. Report - will create a report with conclusions about vulnerabilities With recommendations and advice to address the vulnerabilities found or used poor methods. OS: 2.1 and above.

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