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Monday, 5 December 2011

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ProSpero - a program to track activity on smartphones running Android! The program provides an easy way ProSpero monitor events Taking place on your phone. WARNING! To operate the system after installing the program on the phone do not forget to register your account on the website: http:// What can she do? Conduct intercept all incoming and outgoing SMS on your phone To which the program is installed. Any text In any format , You are sending or taking , Phone number or destination - it will all be available to you Even though SMS is promptly removed from the phone. All posts are sent to a dedicated server Where you will be able to read them. Moreover, for all the phone's user is completely ordinary and transparent. If your phone has GPS- module , The program will inform you ProSpero location communicator To which it is installed. This data will be sent to the server at regular intervals or when changing the position of the phone on 50 meters relative to the previous coordinates. Also, you can instantly get the coordinates of the phone By sending it an SMS with a special text. All location data are displayed on maps Google Maps , Thus providing a convenient way to view the history of movement of the phone on a detailed map with an accuracy of one meter!

You complain? What you say about the possibility of obtaining a current list of contacts with detailed information about When and with whom this list was the last conversation? At what This information will be available to you regardless of whether , Cleaned up a list of calls on the phone or not. How does it work? The program is installed on the phone ProSpero from our site or any of the information carrier Connected to the communicator. The program works only on devices running the Android operating system of any version. The program is completely transparent to the user and does not extradite its presence. Her work does not depend on Which SIM-card is inserted into the phone. It means That if after some time after installing the program on the phone was replaced with SIM-card , The unit will still continue to send data to track the same way as before, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! All Events Occurring on the device Instantly entered into the database and are guaranteed to be transmitted to the server Even if at the moment the phone is out of coverage , He turned off the Internet or out of funds in the account.
What is it for? Scope of the program is very extensive. For example It can be used as a tool against theft of your phone. This is facilitated by the ability to work program and after replacing the SIM-card As most of the attackers at once throw it and set your own. You must agree Much easier to detect thieves If you know their current location , Number of subscribers with whom they called each other and have access to the administration or incoming messages. But We are against the illegal installation of our software on someone else's phone without their permission (eg For covert surveillance) and are not responsible for the actions of individuals Who used our services for such purposes. How much does it cost? Unlike similar programs We provide a program ProSpero absolutely free. You can download it and install As well as receive a free three-day access to the service to view information transmitted from the phone. Further use of the service will cost you 300 rubles per month (agree This symbolic value). Otherwise, you can always just delete it. What do we get the result? As a result, you get a program , Is an ideal solution for virtually complete control over any mobile phone for Android. With the information Provided you program ProSpero You can easily create a picture of where Why With whom , At which time What is and what goes and makes a phone owner , Which is installed on our program. OS: 1.6 and above Language: Russian.
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